This is a video presenting HERA 
(Health Emergency preparedness and Response Authority). 

This piece takes us through the journey that HERA has already done 
and where it's headed.

Carles Gascon reached out to me to co-direct this video.

I had the pleasure to conceptualize the script into the rough storyboard.

Yulia Danilina made the design. (I love how it's sober yet grounded with a texture).

While Yulia did the design, I tested some expressions on the "main ball" animation to optimise the workflow.

Then the animation ! 

It was a lot of fun, and Carles did a great job leading us 
to answer the client's need. 

Carles and I polished the animation with some extra days
(there is still some scenes I wish to tweak but at some point you have to go for it, right ;) ).

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